Wake up!

This is the beginning of my thoughts, views- eye level and mental level. I hope mostly to rave about the lake but I may also rant some about life in general. But also I may be  found raving bout living on the lake-out in the nature and away from the noise and rush of the city. Will I find enough to do-no doubt! Will I find enough to talk about? Hopefully and not be a bore!

This morning before I had breakfast I opened up the back door and a “lady” was standing at the feed trough and looking expectantly at the house. Yes, I got the corn and headed out to dump in the trough. She backed away about 30-40 ft and waited to get her corn allotment. Right away I could tell she must have a bad tooth  as I immediately named her Miss Mumps. But then I saw she likely had been in a fight as there was a scrape under her eye. You wouldn’t think ladies would fight but they surely do and it wasn’t long till  she did to send another “miss” out of her feed bin.

That’s all for today

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