This Blog thing.

Then maybe it is time to update on the Three Oaks experience.

So what is three oaks maybe you ask?

In the front of the house are two groups of three oak trees growing together hence the name we assigned this abode.

It is a wildlife refuge encircling the lake. Deer, we commonly have twelve who come regularly to the feeding grounds. That is an area behind the house, up an incline and before the woods begin. On some days there are 18 to 20. It isn’t unusual to have 6 bucks at a time.

There is Master Buck..a large 8 point.

There is Mr. Buck…as 8 points barely and smaller.

There is Mr. Lockjaw who has a swollen jaw and full 3 points on left side and a stub on the right.

Half point is the mirror image without the swollen jaw.

There is Bucky who is a 6 point.

Little Buck who is 4 points.

Numerous does and yearling “spotties” who have lost their spots but who aren’t grown yet.

Some days we have a gang of Tom turkeys, 6 or 8. Other days we have a group of turkey hens 10-15. And other days they are mixed together.

I had my shiny bumpered pickup parked on the drive and a Tom spent 30 – 45 minutes frizz up at his reflection, walking back and forth and often looking in the wheel well behind the bumper…trying to find that other frizzed up tom.

Some days a covey of bobwhite comes from the woods all the way to the drive and bird feeders cleaning up scattered cracked corn.

They are wild but we have a resident pair of domestic chickens who share the feeding grounds with the wildlife.

Most mornings we have a time when we slip out and scatter corn for all that. If I am feeling generous I will walk a bucket of corn down near the lake and scatter for the geese and 4 ducks who hang around all year.

I just saw the eagle take a swing over the length of the lake.

Stress…..what stress?

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